Blog do Pedro Hauck: Expectations for the 1° stage of Cielos de los Andes expedition

26 de junho de 2008

Expectations for the 1° stage of Cielos de los Andes expedition

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In January 2009 I will be completing 9 years of experience in high mountain climbing. If everything goes well, I will commemorate with the ascent of Ojos del Salado, the largest volcano of the world and the highest peak of Chile.

The ascent of Ojos and Aconcagua makes part of the first stage of the Cielos de los Andes Expedition, where we have as objective climbing the more discharge mountain of each Andean country, Aconcagua - Argentina, Ojos del Salado - Chile, Sajama - Bolivia, Huascarán - Peru, Chimborazo - Ecuador, Pico Colón - Colombia and Pico Bolivar - Venezuela.

For this Argentina - Chile stage, I will be with Carlos Londoño, Colombian, leader of the expedition; Fernanda López, of Mendoza, Argentina; Giselle Melo, of Minas Gerais; Tacio Phillip, of São Paulo and Hilton Benke of Paraná, from Brazil.

The invitation to participate in this expedition came’s from an unexpected way through Carlos that is making the world’s 7 summits. He was planning to climb Aconcagua as part of this project. Finally, he changed the original plans and he ended up adopting this project of Andean climbing’s that he will make together with the other.

In the beginning Carlos just wanted some tips for Aconcagua. At the end, the expedition took another direction and now, finally, the plans changed, I was included in the expedition with other friends and we will make the mountains in our way.

Because of this change of plans, the expedition became more interesting. For better mobility and independence, we are going to Argentina and Chile with the super four wheel drive Tacio‘s Land Rover, we won't have like this more problems in the most remote places of Puna do Atacama, where is Ojos del Salado Volcano.

The expedition will begin in this December. We will go to Mendoza in Argentina and before going for Aconcagua, we will go by a period of acclimatization in Cordón del Plata, that is a very special place for me, because there I went up my first Andean mountain, the Cerro Plata, a 6000 meters altitude mount.

After having finished that phase of acclimatization, we will go to Aconcagua, but for a different place. Escaping from the crowded Horcones valley, that is the normal route of the mountain. We will go for its Vacas Valley, to climb Aconcagua for the Polish Glacier that is much more technical and interesting than for the normal side.

Maybe we’ll be the new year’s day in the mountain, but that doesn't matter. After Aconcagua, we are going to the north to climb Ojos that is in a very remote area in the Puna of Atacama, the most arid place of the world! A great desert in altitude. I was there in 2006, when I tried to climb the Incahuasi volcano. This is a very beautiful area and at the same time very inhospitable. There is the most discharge border of Andes.

This will be my tenth expedition to the Andes, the third in Aconcagua and the second in the Puna do Atacama area. If I get to climb these mountains I will be going to the twentieth second and twentieth third Andean summit. But the numbers say a little for me. The one that more it encourages is me the possibility of being participating in a team as this with plans of climbing for the whole cordillera of Andes. This project will be an accomplished dream and I think along these years of experience, it is a challenge that I am prepared to face and to take advantage.

Long life in the mountains!

See more details of the Cielos de los Andes Project.

Climbing Polish Glaciar in Aconcagua, 2004.

Cerro Plata, the mountain of the acclimatization.

Landscape of Puna the Atacama, close to Ojos del Salado.

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